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Senator calls for FAA investigation of Allegiant Airlines safety record

Senator calls for FAA investigation of Allegiant Airlines safety record

Those incidents included mid-air engine failures, smoke and fumes in the cabin, rapid descents, flight control malfunctions, hydraulic leaks and aborted takeoffs.

Does Allegiant have more issues than other carriers?

Todd Curtis, an aviation-safety consultant, said he tells relatives to avoid the airline.

"Buyers always have to be aware", traveler Erv Basdon said.

Lisa Cozzolino started to panic as Allegiant Air Flight 844 circled over Pinellas County, burning off fuel for an emergency landing.

"I have had other people who have talked about this airline from the Modesto area and they have taken the flight and have had no problems", said Lopez.

Whitmer said earlier that Allegiant has carried more than 350,000 passengers out of Owensboro since 2009.

"It was really simple", Gaul said.

In a statement, Eric Gust, Allegiant Air's vice-president of operations, accused CBS of telling a "false narrative".

"My reaction to the show is anger that the public is being subjected to some known dangers". It's something she says she is going to stop doing. "And there was smoke in the cabin and fire coming out of that engine".

Meanwhile, some passengers said they'll think twice before booking a flight. "It is something that is terrifying to pilots and passengers".

However it also noted that if the CEO of Allegiant, Maurice Gallagher seems familiar, it's because he was "one of the founders of Valujet, another low-priced carrier with the same business model as Allegiant. So I try to push on Allegiant to- to- clean up their operation". "Not with what I know now".

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The "60 Minutes" investigation used fresher data to examine similar issues. Booth offered some advice.

Price, the former Delta chief pilot, said firing a pilot for ordering an evacuation would be "so far beyond the bound as to constitute safety malfeasance".

"It's something didn't surprise me", Gilham said. Zacks Investment Research lowered Allegiant Air from a buy rating to a hold rating in a research note on Tuesday, February 20th. As of February 2, Allegiant operated 37 McDonnell-Douglas MD-80 planes and 53 Airbus A320 jets.

Older planes can be operated very safely, but they tend to burn more fuel and require more maintenance. "It may well be what's allowed Allegiant to fly under the radar", 60 Minutes concluded. None of those incidents led to enforcement action from the FAA.

Stockton Chamber of Commerce CEO Doug Wilhoit says he is not aware of any major mechanical issues involving any Allegiant flights out of Stockton.

The FAA increased its monitoring of Allegiant in 2015 because of labor tension with its pilots.

"They don't have the number of mechanics", Goglia told "60 Minutes" for its report. "The City of Concord is not in a position to speak to the safety practices and operations of Allegiant or other carriers, other than all the airlines must meet FAA requirements".

That was the question presented by a scathing CBS 60 Minutes report Sunday night that questioned whether the deep discount carrier is safe to fly.

"To us, it's not really that big of a deal", said one traveller.

In its statement, the FAA said that commercial aviation in the US operates at an "unprecedented" level of safety.

Allegiant officials immediately began dealing with backlash, releasing a statement that called out the CBS report for being "misleading".

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