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Sean Hannity Is Named as Michael Cohen's Client

Sean Hannity Is Named as Michael Cohen's Client

Sean Hannity, the Fox News star and staunch defender of the president against the "destroy-Trump media", was revealed on Monday to be a secret client of Michael Cohen, the president's personal attorney whose home, hotel room, and office was raided last week by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Hannity said in a statement to TheWrap on Monday: "Michael Cohen has never represented me in any matter".

Todd Harrison, a lawyer for Cohen, said at Friday's hearing there were thousands of documents seized that were likely privileged, and that many related to clients other than Trump.

Cohen has said he paid the $130,000 to Daniels himself, was not reimbursed by Trump, and never even told Trump what he'd done.

On "The Daily Show", host Trevor Noah said that knowing Hannity has direct ties to Cohen makes it "fun to look back" at past clips from Hannity's show. While the reasons why Hannity would have hired Cohen remain unclear, a little-known connection between Hannity and an worldwide media consultant may link the Cohen-Hannity relationship back to the Russian Federation collusion investigation.

At stake is an investigation that could uncover the inner workings of Mr Trump's longtime fixer and image protector.

Media captionNon-disclosure agreements have been in the news a lot - but what exactly are they? That will open up an argument that Cohen wasn't acting as a lawyer when he paid the money.

Hannity confirmed he has no personal interest in the current proceedings, and he had asked that his conversations, which he understood were made under attorney-client privilege, "not be made a part of this prcoeeding". He called Cohen a great attorney, but said none of their discussions ever included a third party and were centered on real estate.

As news broke of the court revelation on Monday, Hannity remarked on his radio program that he learned of the court news by seeing it on Fox.

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After Wood demanded Cohen's team reveal the name of the client, an audible gasp went out in the courtroom when Hannity's name was announced, Pegues said.

But even according to Hannity's account, he was taking free legal advice from someone on the president's payroll.

Hannity is a conservative television host known for passionately advocating for Trump on his Fox News show, and often receiving public praise from Trump in return. "Of course not, because this is what the media in this country does", said one of the top-rated in hosts in American news media.

The April 9 raid on Mr Cohen sought information on a variety of matters, including a $US130,000 ($167,000) payment made to Daniels, who alleges she had sex with a married Mr Trump in 2006.

But Hannity had not disclosed his attorney-client relationship with Cohen to his audience when he commented last week on the Federal Bureau of Investigation raid of Cohen's records.

Ryan stood up and said, "The client's name that is involved is Sean Hannity".

Michael Cohen, Trump's fiercely loyal and pugnacious lawyer, disclosed Hannity's name through one of his own lawyers at the order of the judge. "All lawyers are deflated and concerned!"

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