Publicado: Mar, Abril 17, 2018
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At least 46 injured in Yerevan clashes, says Armenian Health Ministry

At least 46 injured in Yerevan clashes, says Armenian Health Ministry

Under the terms of an amended constitution approved in 2015 by referendum, the presidency will become largely ceremonial.

He called today's protest actions a success, adding that the demonstrators managed to achieve a U-turn in the political situation in the country and prove that the people would not tolerate "Azerbaijanization" of Armenia.

Serzh Sargsyan's ruling Republican Party and their junior coalition partners Armenian Revolutionary Federation hold a comfortable majority in the parliament and no electoral hurdles are expected on Sargsyan's path to the premiership. Armenia's Parliament is scheduled to meet on Tuesday to vote for the candidate and complete Armenia's transition to a parliamentary system of government.

Protesters also shut down Baghramyan Avenue, blocking the National Assembly, where members are scheduled to elect Sargsyan as prime minister on April 17.

Some built barricades using cast-iron benches and metal trash cans.

The protests also saw their first violence, with several clashes between police and protesters. Pashinyan gained another prominent ally on Monday in radical opposition leader Jirayr Sefilian, who publicly endorsed the protests from his jail cell.

Escalating anger in India over rape of two girls
Indian women shout slogans during a protest against recent incidents of rape, in Ahmadabad, India , on April 13, 2018. Sexual violence remains a taboo in India , and survivors fear stigma or retribution if they report attacks.

"Such actions can lead to crimes against the citizens' life, health and property", police said in a statement.

Rallies began on Friday with more than four thousand taking part.

The two men are not related.

During the session it was chose to nominate Serzh Sargsyan as the candidate of for the role of Prime Minister.

On April 11, a caustic yellow-green smoke enveloped the meeting room of the Armenian parliament - members of the opposition faction "Yelk" ("Way Out") Ararat Mirzoyan and Lena Nazaryan lit a "torch of freedom" of three smoke bombs.

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