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Nafta agreement could come in weeks, Pence, Trudeau say

Nafta agreement could come in weeks, Pence, Trudeau say

"It's time for Russian Federation to get the message that President Trump delivered last night".

A deal on the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) could be reached within the next several weeks, Vice President Mike Pence told reporters while in Lima, Peru, for the Summit of the Americas.

The vice president's comments came a day after the USA, in concert with the United Kingdom and France, conducted "precision strikes" on three targets in Syria associated with the country's chemical weapons arsenal.

"Our concept into Russian is, 'You're on the wrong side of record, ' & " Pence stated.

Noting that "you're known by the company you keep", Pence said Russian Federation needs to join other nations in opposing the use of chemical weapons in Syria and "live up to the commitments they made".

Pence spoke nearly after 18 hours after U.S., France and the United Kingdom launched 105 missiles at three facilities connected to the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in response to the April 7 chemical attacks at Syria's Dumas which took the lives of more than 50 civilians.

Talks to rework NAFTA, which underpins $1.2 trillion in annual trade, began previous year after President Donald Trump took office promising to abandon the 1994 agreement if it could not be reworked to better serve American interests.

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Pence said Iran also is partly to blame in Syria.

Meanwhile, the US-led attack drew immediate and fierce condemnation from Syria as well as China, Russia Iran and Iraq, accusing Washington, London and Paris of deliberately violating global law and blatantly breaching Syria's sovereignty.

The remarks came a day after the American military, in collaboration with Britain and France, carried out what it routinely describes as "precision strikes" on three targets in Syria that it falsely claimed to be associated with the country's alleged chemical weapons arsenal, without producing any evidence.

VP Pence called the United States led airstrikes on Syria a success.

In condemning the US-led attack, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad insisted on Saturday that the missile strikes would only strengthen his nation's resolve to keep its fight against Western-backed terror groups and "crush terrorism in every inch of the nation". Pence said the "prepared to continue this effort until we are assured that chemical weapons will never be used again against innocent civilians in Syria".

Pence echoed Trump in his remarks on Saturday, saying that the USA was prepared to carry out "sustained" action against Syria's chemical weapons program, unless the government of President Bashar Assad ceased its use of chemical munitions.

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