Publicado: Lun, Abril 16, 2018
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Buffon: "The referee has a rubbish bin where his heart should be"


Buffon vehemently disputed referee Michael Oliver's decision to award Madrid a stoppage-time penalty that curtailed the Bianconeri's fightback from a three-goal first-leg deficit.

Oliver awarded Real a decisive 93rd-minute penalty in Wednesday's quarter-final and was subsequently criticised by the Juventus goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon, whom he sent off, and parts of the Italian media.

The legendary goalkeeper was then sent off by Oliver after jostling the official in an irate state while protesting the decision.

Juve legend Alessandro del Piero felt that the experienced keeper would regret the remarks, but Buffon is refusing to backtrack. But the content remains and I stand by all of it.

"Surrounded and disgracefully harassed by half a dozen or so menacing Juventus players, led by their talismanic captain, Oliver - 33 - stayed calm and correctly dismissed Gianluigi Buffon for his aggressive protests".

The episode left Buffon criticising Oliver bitterly afterwards, saying that he had been out of his depth, should have been in the stands eating crisps and must have had a garbage bin for a heart. A referee with more experience would not have blown his whistle and decided not to become the protagonist of the match.

Speaking to Mediaset after the match, Chiellini said: "It's the biggest robbery I've suffered in my career,".

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"I've always found it an honour to go up against this team and this club in front of this crowd, but tonight we deserved extra time at the very least".

Professional Game Match Officials Limited (PGMOL) has condemned the abuse directed at the referee Michael Oliver and his wife, Lucy, since the Champions League tie between Real Madrid and Juventus. "When I don't feel I'm good enough, I put myself in a corner".

'I have lost more important matches than this, but the way it developed and was evolving, it was the most wonderful and exciting match I had ever experienced with Juventus.

"I'm not here to judge what the referee saw, because it was a borderline incident", he said, continuing his diatribe. It's a controversial, super controversial decision taken by a person who should have not refereed the game because of lack of personality and sensibility.

When Oliver turned around to see who had shoved him, Costa had already sneaked out of shot and instead Buffon was towering over him yelling obscenities.

"I understand it's a frustrating situation but I think he will think about what he said and possibly say different words in a few days".

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