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Taylor Swift Slammed for Her Cover of Earth, Wind and Fire's 'September'

Taylor Swift Slammed for Her Cover of Earth, Wind and Fire's 'September'

Way back in 2015, following an open letter penned by Swift about the platform's refusal to pay artist royalties during its free trial period and a subsequent policy change, Apple Music became the first streaming service to offer her 1989 album.

"Taylor Swift covering Earth Wind and Fire is the exact kind of evil the Devil tries to bring to pass on Friday the 13th".

Listen to the cover on Spotify and decide for yourself.

"While the stripped-down version is a complete 180 from the soul classic, it's also strangely reminiscent of Swift's older country material", she wrote in a piece titled "Taylor Swift Just Made a Classic Earth, Wind & Fire Song Country, and I Don't Hate It". Instead of the opening line, "Do you remember the 21st night of September", Swift flipped the date, singing, "the 28th night of September". But Black Twitter wants the song to be destroy from existence.

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The cover was recorded at Nashville's Tracking Room Studios, and is part of her newly released "Spotify Singles" series. Many fans of the original song were offended by her move, writing such things as, "is that legal?"

"That Taylor Swift cover of "September" sounds like housing discrimination", another tweeted.

Other users, meanwhile, defended Swift's song.

Check out more reactions to the song below.

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