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Stoltenberg: All NATO allies fully support joint military action in Syria

Stoltenberg: All NATO allies fully support joint military action in Syria

The United Nations Secretary-General, meanwhile, said he is closely watching reports related to the airstrikes on Syria conducted by three of its permanent members. The allies put the blame of the attack on Damascus, while the Syrian leadership denied any involvement in the use of chemical weapons.

Activists and rebels in Syria claim that Syrian Government forces used chlorine gas on April 7 in their attack against Douma, a town near Damascus held by rebels. The attack evoked large-scale criticism of President Bashar al-Assad's regime. Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said the strikes were about making sure chemical weapons can not be used with impunity.

Vladimir Putin said the strikes were an "act of aggression" that would have a "destructive" influence on global relations.

Erdogan: Operation on chemical facilities sends message to Assad
Ankara said chemical weapons attacks that indiscriminately target civilians "constitute crimes against humanity" and should not go unpunished.

Mr Trump declared it was "mission accomplished" and thanked the United Kingdom and France "for their wisdom and the power of their fine military".

"The goal of the meeting is to hear information from the United States, France and Britain on the latest developments in Syria", - said in the headquarters of North Atlantic Treaty Organisation. They also made clear that their military action was limited to the Syrian regime's facilities enabling the production and employment of chemical weapons.

"No. Actually on the contrary, I think if we have just been silent, and accepted the use of chemical weapons, it would have undermined the efforts to find a political solution".

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