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Speaker Ryan departure sparks unrest, GOP fears losing House

Speaker Ryan departure sparks unrest, GOP fears losing House

"I'm still a little bit shell-shocked", Barca said of Ryan's decision.

"We obviously have our differences and we have disagreed publicly and privately, but I do believe I've been doing things that are in the best interests of the country", Ryan answered.

"The Speaker has kept up his breakneck fundraising schedule, traveling to more than 30 states and over 70 cities to help raise money for House Republicans this cycle, while keeping his pledge to spend weekends at home in Wisconsin", Ryan's organization said when announcing the fundraising figures.

"Paul has been instrumental in achieving historic reforms - from an overhaul of our tax code to bringing accountability to the Department of Veterans Affairs - and I'm excited to see what we achieve in these final months of his speakership", he said in a statement. The 48 year old lawmaker says he does not want to end up a weekend father to his children.

On the Republican side, Paul Nehlen, who threw his hat into the ring a year ago, said Ryan has a list of accomplishments but he can improve on them. "And you were one of the main people that said you wanted to do more for the Republican Party, to expand the base". "We first have to hold the majority before you determine whether or not you have a speaker".

Ryan, a Republican from Janesville, Wisconsin, was first elected to Congress in 1998.

If the mid-term election does not swing in favor of the Republicans, they might have to surrender the seat of Speaker of the House to a Democrat, which would have been another humiliating situation for Ryan.

Ryan said they were celebrating the accomplishments they'd had and the agenda they're working on, such as health care and infrastructure bills.

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"As you all know, I did not seek this job [House speaker], but I have given it all I have and I have no regrets", Ryan said in a 10 a.m. briefing to reporters.

Before Ryan made his announcement, two Democrats were looking to unseat him - including iron worker Randy Bryce who announced his candidacy last summer.

Democrats are encouraged that this news means they can win this seat, while on the Republican side, the "who will run" speculation has begun. Ryan had made tax cuts a centerpiece of his legislative agenda, and Congress delivered on that late past year.

Steil also did not respond to request for comment Wednesday morning.

I never sought the title of Speaker.

Ryan expressed gratitude for having served as leader of the House Republican Conference since 2015, a post he reluctantly took after his predecessor, John Boehner, departed under pressure from a conservatives.

Ryan allies insisted the speaker, who is the party's top fundraiser and champion for a crisp GOP message, will run through the tape, giving the party his all as he races toward his retirement after the fall election.

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