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Sea of Thieves - a hollow shell of absurdly repetitive questing

Sea of Thieves - a hollow shell of absurdly repetitive questing

With that, other tools will be added to the game that give crews more tools to communicate with other crews to make tracking down this threat more user-friendly.

Summer will bring two more content updates with Cursed Sails, which will bring a new type of ship to the game for players to use, and Forsaken Shores, which opens up more of the world for players to pillage. Sea of Thieves is Rare's first "game as a service", and Neate said today that all future content updates will be completely free. Executive Producer Joe Neate and Design Director Mike Chapman would not go into specifics but explained a "new AI threat" will be introduced to the game along with a new item, new unlocks, and new ways to bring crews together in the game world.

What do you think about the upcoming content updates for Sea of Thieves? The Hungering Deep will be a permanent fixture in the game, with new mechanics and rewards, but will kick off with a timed event that Rare plans to start teasing soon. With the event model, Rare says that there will be rewards that can only be earned by playing the game during the event window. That'll arrive in May, followed by weekly events with "new ways to play".

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The Sea of Thieves updates don't stop with summer, as three major updates are planned for fall and winter this year, though there are no details about these updates yet. This will be a "more perilous" part of the world that includes yet another new AI threat that is themed around that area.

While these updates still seem somewhat sparse, it's great to see that Microsoft is working towards responding to most of Sea of Thieves early criticism.

Sea of Thieves biggest problem at the moment is a lack of content. The other two content updates will be Cursed Sails, which will include a new ship type for our very own TL;DR Coxswain to sail, and Forsaken Shores. These updates look like they're going to remedy that, but the question is will players still be around to experience it.

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