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Markets Right Now: Stocks surge as China trade tensions ease

Markets Right Now: Stocks surge as China trade tensions ease

Mr Xiao said some of the mergers have already yielded desirable results, citing China Cosco Shipping Corp - the combination of two state shipping lines - and China Baowu Steel Group - the fusion of the nation's two leading smelters - as examples he's most proud of.

Liu He, a vice premier overseeing economics and finance, told a group of officials Thursday that Beijing had rejected a US request to stop subsidizing industries related to its "Made in China 2025" initiative, the person said.

China's Global Times tabloid wrote in a commentary that Washington could either respond sincerely to China's determination to conduct interactions showing good will with the USA or keep pressuring China with unreasonable demands and escalate trade frictions. A pair of summits between the leaders in the USA and China over the past year were also hailed by China as successes. "China relations", said Miles Yu Maochun, a China politics expert at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland.

Xi was merely outlining China's strategy to open up further, which had nothing to do with its trade friction with the United States, Gao said.

China proposed tariffs last week on USA beef, soybeans and other agricultural goods in the deepening trade dispute.

Beijing lifted a 14-year ban on US beef imports about 10 months ago, but the country's purchases are dwarfed by sales to Japan, Mexico and South Korea.

The problem for China is that given the considerable trade surplus it enjoys over the USA, it is fast running out of retaliatory measures.

"This is a promising signal that there can be a path forward to address [America's] concerns without a full-on trade war emerging", said Stephen Ezell, vice president of global innovation policy at the Information Technology & Innovation Foundation, a think tank that has criticized both China's aggressive trade practices and President Donald Trump's confrontational response to them.

The US president welcomed the speech and said he saw an end to the dispute, which has roiled markets since the start of March.

American officials have said U.S. Navy ships will continue sailing close to Chinese-occupied areas without prior notice.

President Rodrigo Duterte left Hainan for Hong Kong on the evening of April 10, after attending the Boao Forum for Asia and holding bilateral talks with Xi. "We will keep an eye on the progress of those opening-up measures".

United States approves $300m guided missile sale to Qatar
Trump hasn't repeated that cost lately and Qatar has since taken steps to deal with US considerations. Despite the past tensions, there were signs that Trump was warming to the Qataris.

Last week, the Trump administration proposed 25% tariffs on US$50 billion (RM193.5 billion) worth of roughly 1,300 Chinese imports.

"Very thankful for President Xi of China's kind words on tariffs and automobile barriers..."

"China does not seek [a] trade surplus".

TRADE WORRIES: Indexes have been fluctuating as investors try to guess the outcome of the U.S.

China has protested those moves, calling it USA meddling in an Asian conflict, and renewed warnings to Washington to stay away.

Another U.S. carrier, the USS Carl Vinson, patrolled the contested waters last month, taking part in anti-submarine drills in the South China Sea with Japanese forces and visiting Vietnam with its 5,000-strong crew, the largest such U.S. military presence there since the Vietnam War ended in 1975.

Xi's speech, which had been expected to set out bold reforms, was instead similar to his remarks in Davos a year ago.

Xi's plan to create Chinese global competitors in fields including robotics, electric cars and pharmaceuticals is seen as precipitating the current crisis, while Trump appears motivated by a desire to shore up America's manufacturing strength.

Geng Shuang, a Foreign Ministry spokesman, said on Monday, "This trade conflict was initiated by the US alone and it is entirely the one to blame".

When discussing U.S. -China business interest, it is misleading to only look at trade imbalances. "The wielding the big stick of trade sanctions while keeping saying they are willing to talk".

China is considering offering major concessions on trade and investment to the European Union and countries such as Japan and Mexico, the person said. He's also the managing director for the Initiative for U.S. In 2017, when Venezuela tried to shun the dollar and publish its oil prices in yuan, Donald Trump threatened USA military intervention (in the name of saving the Venezuelan people from a harsh economy). "China has always been a builder of world peace, a contributor to global development, and a defender of the worldwide order".

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