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Driver, the President of Ecuador and marxist Rebels Killed Journalists States

Driver, the President of Ecuador and marxist Rebels Killed Journalists States

The team, from Ecuador's influential El Comercio newspaper, was abducted while on assignment along the border between the two countries, where Ecuadoran security forces have come under attack by former FARC rebels who are still active in drug trafficking.

13 de abril de 2018, 15:48Lima, Apr 13 (Prensa Latina) The president of Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos, declined today responsibilities in the possible murder of two Ecuadorian journalists and a worker, by a Colombian armed group, and offered military support to Ecuador.

"When I called President Santos this afternoon I told him we were asking for strong actions from them", Moreno said.

Reporter Javier Ortega, photographer Paul Rivas and their driver Efraín Segarra, who work for Ecuadorian daily El Comercio, were kidnapped on 26 March by a holdout faction of Colombia's Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or Farc, the leftist rebel group which laid down its weapons and became a political party after signing a 2016 peace deal.

He then sent troops into the border zone.

Interior Minister Cesar Navas said earlier this week that the violence in the province, including a vehicle bomb in January and the killing of four marines on patrol by a nail bomb in March, has escalated because the new Moreno administration had taken the threat of drug trafficking seriously and arrested leading members of the breakaway rebel group.

Ecuadoran officials believe the hostages were taken into Colombia and have made contact with both the Catholic Church and the International Committee of the Red Cross for help in "immediately starting" the process of locating their bodies and bringing them home. "And regrettably we have information that confirms the murder of the journalists".

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On Thursday US officials were quoted as saying that samples from victims have tested positive for chlorine and a nerve agent. The prime minister is thought to be unlikely to consult parliament ahead of any coordinated military action.

The region has always been a hotbed for Colombian drug traffickers and rebel groups (which are often the same), and has been the setting for a string of recent attacks against military targets.

In the video, the unidentified captors said they would release the hostages if Ecuador stopped helping Colombia fight the insurgents.

"We have included the drug-smuggling terrorist Guacho on Ecuador's most wanted list and we are offering a reward of $100,000 for any information which leads to his capture", Moreno said.

But as his own boss, and without anyone to answer to, the rebel chief could change his mind on a whim, "depending on circumstances", Vinueza explained.

The ultimatum was issued late on Thursday by President Lenin Moreno, who gave the kidnappers until 11:00 am (1600 GMT) to give an answer after his government received photos from a Colombian TV station suggesting the trio, all Ecuadorians, were dead.

Peru, where he had been due to attend this weekend's Summit of the Americas.

"Our coverage is very unusual because it is filled with emotion".

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