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Trudeau to meet with Alberta and BC premiers this weekend

Trudeau to meet with Alberta and BC premiers this weekend

Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau reportedly plans to pressure British Columbia's provincial government to drop its resistance to Kinder Morgan's (KMI -0.7%) Trans Mountain pipeline project while trying to avoid tougher measures that might alienate voters who helped his Liberal Party win power.

Horgan said B.C. intends to pursue court action that involves seeking a constitutional reference case to determine who has the jurisdiction to permit the pipeline to cross B.C. The prime minister is attending the Summit of the Americas in Peru, but will return to Canada for the meeting before heading to Europe on a trade mission.

Kinder Morgan Canada (OTCPK:KMLGF) said earlier this week it will scrap the C$7.4B expansion project from Alberta to the west coast unless all legal and jurisdictional challenges are resolved by May 31, but a government source tells Reuters that "there aren't an very bad lot of options for the prime minister".

At stake is Kinder Morgan's C$7.4 billion (US$5.9 billion) project that they say will be scrapped unless something gets done to stop the opposition. The federal cabinet held an emergency meeting this week and has since voiced its support for the project. "Those methods to get there are contingent on understanding as well as we can all of the different risks and hurdles so that we get to an outcome that assures we can move forward in the time frame we've identified".

Any hopes, however remote, that Trudeau's Sunday meeting might have eased tensions were dashed by day's end Thursday.

The impasse has become one of the most hard political predicaments to date for the Trudeau government, which is being squeezed between those who accuse it of not doing enough to get the expansion built, and critics who don't want to see it built at all.

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Notley said her New Democrat government is preparing to introduce legislation that could reduce the flow of oil to B.C., which is likely to cause gas prices to spike in the Vancouver area, where motorists are already paying more than $1.50 per litre.

Officials are still hashing out the terms and agenda and other specifics of Sunday's meeting, she added.

"I'm doing what I said I would do and that's defend B.C.'s coast", he said. Horgan is threatening national unity, usurping the rule of law and in danger of throwing project approval processes into irrelevancy with his "reckless approach" to this issue. We are in court, we're going to stay in court.

Jason Kenney, leader of Alberta's United Conservatives, said a face-to-face meeting with Trudeau "should have happened months ago".

Trudeau posted a new video Thursday in which he insists he would never approve pipelines like the Trans Mountain expansion if he did not believe they could proceed safely.

Trudeau was in Vancouver and Victoria last week where he was met by protests, but reiterated the federal government approved the pipeline project in November 2016 and will ensure it is built.

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