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'He's no diplomat': Code pink protester removed from Pompeo hearing &arrested

'He's no diplomat': Code pink protester removed from Pompeo hearing &arrested

He will add, "War is always the last resort". One of the women protesting, Ann Wright, was removed from the room as she shouted, "He's no diplomat!". He said today that he opposes regime change in North Korea but had mused just a year ago about toppling the Kim regime.

During his six years in Congress, Pompeo made a number of controversial and in some cases offensive statements. "I think we'll go in with a lot of respect and we'll see what happens".

So the vital question for Pompeo today was whether this history was, in fact, representative of how he'd approach his job as secretary of state. "I know I'm serving a president who feels the same way". "No more war!" tried to convince Democrats he's not a war monger.

"The next secretary of state will have to clean up the mess that has been created by President Trump's chaotic and risky foreign policy". Marco Rubio (R-FL) that Russian Federation had interfered in the 2016 USA elections.

Pompeo, seen as a close ally of Trump's, has faced criticism for his foreign policy views and his hawkish attitude toward countries hostile to the US, like Iran and North Korea.

Booker - using Pompeo's words against him about people needing to speak out about dangers to society - asked if Pompeo has spoken up against Gaffney's conspiracies or anti-Muslim beliefs, which Booker described as "violative of the American Constitution".

On his position that gay couples should not be able to marry, Pompeo said: "I continue to hold that view".

Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., who has vowed to oppose Pompeo's nomination, questioned why the United States is still in Afghanistan.

Merkley responded, "You're heading in the right direction".

Russian Federation "continues its aggressive actions", and the trump sees it as a threat to the United States, highlights new Secretary of state.

If confirmed, Pompeo will be stepping into the role of the country's top diplomat at a crucial time.

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While Mr Pompeo will likely be confirmed by the full Senate if his hearing goes well, he could be the first nominee to be secretary of state not to be approved by the foreign relations committee, where the Republicans have just an 11-10 majority.

"As our nation's top diplomat, will you champion diplomacy and offer actual plans?"

"Will you champion our values when the president embraces dictators who quash the free press or suggest doing away with elections?" "Or will you be a yes man?"

Coats later reported that conversation with other officials, and decided that it would be improper to intervene with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, according to the Post.

Pompeo acknowledged he had been interviewed by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, whose federal probe includes looking into whether there was collusion with Moscow by Trump campaign aides, but he declined to discuss details.

"Some of you have read the stories, I'm a hawk, I'm a hardliner", said Pompeo. Will you stay silent when the president and those closest to him balk at the very idea of diplomacy and instead advocate unnecessary wars that will cost the blood of our children and the treasurer of our coffers?

The end of that exchange, where Pompeo sputters while trying to explain himself, is the moment where the two Pompeos were most clearly brought into conflict - and there was no way to reconcile them.

The remarks were in line with Trump's assertion that previous administrations gave North Korea too many concessions despite the country not giving up its nuclear weapon ambitions.

Pompeo is preparing to use the hearing to modify his hawkish reputation, and recast his relationship with senators anxious about steps he might take in dealing with a number of consequential choices and crises, including North Korea and Iran.

"Many strong voices have been terminated or resigned", panel chairman Sen.

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