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Bathroom hand dryers spray feces particles on your hands, study says

Bathroom hand dryers spray feces particles on your hands, study says

So how exactly do fecal particles end up in the hand dryers?

The study found that restrooms with hand dryers had up to 254 bacterial pathogens present. The results were published this month in the journal Applied and Environmental Microbiology. But in bathrooms where such plumes gush regularly, where does all that bacteria go?

Still the study's authors, who found that the nozzle of the dryers had minimal bacterial levels, said that more evidence was needed to determine whether the dryers were bacteria harbors themselves or simply blew large amounts of contaminated air.

The researchers, who were from the University of Connecticut's School of Medicine, studied 36 bathrooms across the campus.

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The study noted that hand dryers with certain types of filters, called HEPA filters, could reduce the bacteria fourfold.

"Bacteria in bathrooms will come from feces, which can be aerosolized a bit when toilets, especially lidless toilets, are flushed", study author Peter Setlow told Newsweek. The dryer can act as a reservoir for the bacteria inside the dryer before someone turns it on, blowing the potential pathogens on your recently-washed hands. Hand dryers, they added, could be one way such bacteria had seeped through the building. However, when the team retrofitted some of their dryers with HEPA filters, they only blocked about 75 percent of bacteria.

Hand dryers which are created to blow hot air on your hands are actually sucking up faeces particles and spraying them onto your hands, researchers say. In fact, the University of Connecticut's School of Medicine even started to stock paper towels in its facilities.

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