Publicado: Mar, Abril 10, 2018
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Ouch! New Zealand weightlifter suffers nasty injury

Ouch! New Zealand weightlifter suffers nasty injury

Content may disturb some viewers.

The women's over 90kg weightlifting starts at 4pm (NZ time).

Despite this, Hubbard put on another 3kg for a 130kg hoist for her next lift.

Commonwealth Games Federation chief executive David Grevemberg said while Hubbard is eligible to compete under global weightlifting guidelines, it is clearly an issue that needs further discussion.

When she competed, Hubbard was warmly received by a packed crowd at the Carrara Sports and Leisure Centre.

The 40-year-old's elbow gave out and she was forced to withdraw at the half-way point, despite being in the gold medal position.

"Regardless of which country or which division, I feel it is unfair, and that is my opinion as a coach".

But Hubbard had done no wrong in chasing gold.

Hubbard is patently hurt by the sense that she is now ostracised, and there are few guarantees that she will ever be happy with the body she now inhabits.

Hubbard's first lift of 120kg ensured a comfortable buffer over the rest of the competition, with the 40-year-old well and truly in the reckoning for a gold medal.

In order to compete, Hubbard has had to prove that her testosterone levels meet strict criteria - and her last tests indicated that she has less testosterone than a cis female.

She fits within the rules of the Commonwealth Games - end of story.

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Hubbard was unsuccessful in her second attempt at 127kg and in a surprising move, went for a Commonwealth record and personal best of 132kg in her third attempt.

"It seems likely that I have ruptured a ligament, some insignificant tissue damage".

But Hubbard's inclusion in the Games had been met with anger. Was this a "statement" lift? "She just wants to lift".

"I have no regrets about the attempts that I made, because I believe that to be true to sport you really have to try to be the best that you can".

Regrets may come later - it was bold, but unnecessary.

"But no indication today that they were anything other than fantastic", she said, "A real credit to Australian people and broader sporting community".

"The one saving grace in all of this is that I'm not in any great pain at the moment".

Hubbard cut a solitary, wistful figure when she appeared for a short interview yesterday.

She represented New Zealand as Gavin Hubbard before she transitioned in her mid-30s and late last year, she was given the green light by the International Weightlifting Federation to compete in women's tournaments last year.

She said it's too early to decide if she'll continue to weightlift. "She was a champion weightlifter as a man", said Melbourne resident Paul Shannon outside the venue.

No one could begrudge that. "The support from the crowd was incredible".

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