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Apple will reportedly ditch Intel chips in Macs as early as 2020

Apple will reportedly ditch Intel chips in Macs as early as 2020

Intel stock fell 9pc yesterday (2 April) as reports emerged that Apple is planning to use its own chips in Mac computers from 2020 onwards. The move would also help Apple to more tightly integrate new software and hardware, which could potentially result in better battery life. As in that earlier example, Bloomberg notes this would require a "multi-step transition". This news drew a sharp reaction from the stock market and Intel stocks dipped to as much as 9.2 percent.

Apple's interest in developing micro LED panels is believed to be born out of its desire to reduce and even eliminate its reliance on Samsung for OLED displays used in its newer products. Apple already designs its own A-series chips found in iPhones and iPads. Companies such as Dell, HP, Lenovo, and a handful of others rely on Intel for their computers' chips. The initiative, code-named Kalamata, is still in early developmental stages but is part of a bigger strategy to make Apple's family of devices work more similarly and seamlessly together, according to the report.

The reported plan by Apple (AAPL) to switch to its own processors for Mac computers likely will have a minor impact on supplier Intel (INTC), Wall Street analysts said Tuesday.

You can view Apple's stock price and Intel's stock price here.

The company has also previously released Macs with ARM-based co-processors, which run an iOS-like operating system, for specific functions like security.

According to the latest report via DigiTimes, the high-end Apple Watch wearables are going to feature microLED technology, and in the future, we might actually be graced with an augmented reality wearable device, measuring around 1.4 and 0.8 inches respectively. "We have better control over timing, over cost and over quality", Chief Financial Officer Luca Maestri said of Apple's chip efforts a year ago.

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We have contacted Instagram to ask whether it plans to return to the Apple Watch with a brand new application, and we'll update this article as soon as we hear back.

Intel has dominated computing processors for more than a decade, taking market share from Advanced Micro Devices Inc., its only rival in the market. As Fortune points out, Apple accounted for less than $4 billion of Intel's total revenue in 2017, less than 6 percent of the company's total expected sales.

Apple is also set to greatly benefit from this move as they no longer have to depend on Intel's processor roadmap.

Apple past year sold 19 million Mac computers, accounting for about 7% of the overall PC market, Pitzer said.

Which is to say don't hold your breath for Apple AR glasses or a microLED-powered iMac.

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