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Klopp - City bus damage ended the euphoria of our own Anfield welcome

Klopp - City bus damage ended the euphoria of our own Anfield welcome

A Manchester City coach has revealed inside footage of an "unacceptable" attack on their team bus by Liverpool fans ahead of Wednesday's Champions League quarter-final first leg at Anfield.

The attack began close to the Arkles pub, where Liverpool fans had gathered in their thousands, and continued as the bus turned onto Anfield Road.

Fans had been warned earlier this week that the use of pyrotechnics outside the stadium could result in prosecution, but smoke bombs were seen gushing red clouds at around 5pm and flares emerged as the City bus arrived just after 6pm.

Match Commander Superintendent Paul White confirmed no one on the coach was injured and said police had worked closely with both clubs to "ensure the safety of the public and the teams themselves".

"After the game I asked him and he said he feels fine so we have to wait for the real diagnosis, not Mo's diagnosis".

European governing body UEFA has opened disciplinary proceedings against Liverpool over the matter.

'It's so unusual, you go with your own bus through your crowd and it feels fantastic its great, its support, its everything, its passion. We come into the stadium and the first thing I heard was they had smashed the bus of Manchester City and it kills everything.

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"Another good example for that is you give people the opportunity to do something good [but] because of a few idiots it will maybe never happen again".

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has admitted the affair tarnished his side's preparations. It was an outstanding thing to do.

The attack on the City bus should have led to the game being suspended, according to a psychologist specialising in workplace stress.

"Not with players on the bus being intimidated like that".

"I have to say apologies again for how things happened before the game", the German is quoted as saying by BBC Sport as he addressed the media ahead of Saturday's Merseyside derby. They must have been unsettled and it must have had a psychological impact on them.

"The majority of them are in their 20s, they're not necessarily life-mature and have been cosseted since the age of 16-17".

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