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Ever Luxury Space Hotel, Aurora Station, to Offer Authentic Astronaut Experiences

Ever Luxury Space Hotel, Aurora Station, to Offer Authentic Astronaut Experiences

A company has plans of launching a luxury hotel in space.

The Aurora Station, described as the "first luxury hotel in space", is pencilled in for launch in 2021, opening up to guests a year later. But Bunger says that it's an extremely streamlined and discounted process compared to the typical 24-month training regimen used to prepare would-be space travelers.

On top of the luxury living space, passengers will also be able to participate and experience aspect of life as an astronaut.

But on Thursday, a company called Orion Span announced that it would build and operate the world's first "luxury space hotel," to be completed in late 2021.

Sounds unbelievable, right? But wait, it would cost a whopping Rs 61,74,52,500 ($9.5 million) per person to stay at Aurora Station. Founded by entrepreneur Frank Bunger, Orion Span's team is comprised of aerospace industry veterans with over 140 years of space experience. Still, $9.5 million is $9.5 million, so it does not look like a space vacation will be popular among regular families just yet. Guests will be able to stay in it is already in 2022-m. "When we reach capacity, we simply launch another of the same space station and attach it to Aurora's radial hub", Bunger added.

During their 12-day adventure, the super-rich travelers will fly at a height of 200 miles above the Earth's surface in Low Earth Orbit, or LEP, where they will witness incredible views of the blue planet.

It is thought that the space hotel will be modular in design, which will make it simpler to launch and redesign in the future. On return to Earth, guests will be treated to a hero's welcome home.

Artist's illustration of Orion Span's planned orbiting hotel, Aurora Station.

Aurora Station Hotel- Orion Span
Courtesy of Orion Span

Orion Span isn't the only venture boldly pushing the frontiers of elite travel into space.

Interested guests will have to undergo a three-month training program to get themselves ready for the trip.

Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic plans to put passengers briefly into sub-orbital space, and charge for $250,000 for its trips.

Whatever the price tag, the tourist demographic with spare cash for space jaunts is presumably quite small.

"Aurora Station is incredibly versatile and has multiple uses beyond serving as a hotel", Bunger added.

Orion Span isn't alone in seeking to carve out this path. "We're calling that a space condo".

The world's first few "space tourists" have traditionally had to pay $20 million or more to the Russian government for a seat aboard the International Space Station, according to CNN.

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