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Grindr to Stop Sharing Users' HIV Status With Companies

Grindr to Stop Sharing Users' HIV Status With Companies

ACT UP New York member James Krellenstein told BuzzFeed news that Grindr is unique for encouraging users to be transparent with each other about their HIV status. It will take effect with the app's next update, Buzzfeed reported. Grindr, which has 27 million users, shared this data with analytics companies, in addition to email addresses, Global Positioning System data and phone information.

Recently, Grindr's industry standard use of third party partners including Apptimize and Localytics, two highly-regarded software vendors, to test and validate the way we roll out our platform has drawn concern over the way we share user data.

"Grindr and those with whom it shares its users' sensitive information has an obligation to both protect this data and ensure users have meaningful control over it", the lawmakers wrote.

"I really thought that Grindr cared about the gay community, and was forcing us to have an important dialogue about our health and safety", one user told French news agency AFP, calling the data sale "a slap in the face".

It added: "Grindr has never, nor will we ever sell personally identifiable user information - especially information regarding HIV status or last test date - to third parties or advertisers".

The West Hollywood-based company also said it consulted with several worldwide health organizations before deciding to add the option of users adding their HIV status.

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After the inevitable uproar that followed, the app officially announced that it had stopped sharing the user's HIV status with third-party companies, also adding that most of the data shared was encrypted and therefore, of no use to the advertisers. "I think this is the incompetence of some developers that just send everything, including HIV status".

"Data protection is the new frontier in the battle for human rights".

It says its users should carefully consider what information they list in their profiles. And one of the optional services provided by Grindr also includes a reminder for users to get themselves tested every three to six months. Late in the year 2017, a reporter had discovered that the popular dating app Tinder had collected 800 pages on a user's personal data, culled from her conversations with the other users and her social media networks, even after she told that she had disconnected them from her dating app. But the company also said it was being unfairly targeted.

However, Antoine Puliter of the Foundation for Scientific and Industrial Research (SINTEF), a Norwegian independent research organisation and campaign group, has said that the sharing of other unencrypted data amounts to a potential intrusion of privacy.

The company later backtracked somewhat, telling the publication Axios that it would stop sharing users' HIV status with the outside vendors.

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