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Get to Know Norm Lewis, Caiaphas in 'Jesus Christ Superstar Live'

Get to Know Norm Lewis, Caiaphas in 'Jesus Christ Superstar Live'

The Peacock is adapting Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice's critically acclaimed musical about the final week in Jesus's life for a live television audience, featuring an all-star cast from the world of music.

And while that marks a significant improvement compared to the 0.8 demo NBC draws over the course of a typical post-NFL Sunday night, the "Superstar" deliveries paled in comparison to the network's previous live musical events. Years later, it's one of those musicals that high schools all over the United States perform. The numbers are about the same as NBC's most recent musical, Hairspray, from 2016. That show ultimately fetched a middling 9 million viewers, after first scoring a 5.9 overnight rating, ranking last among contemporary TV musical stagings.

Aumentaron remesas 6.87% en febrero
Para la inflación en 2019, los analistas subieron de 3.58% a 3.60%, mientras que para este año disminuyó de 4.13% a 4.09 por ciento.

In a bright orange suit, twirling a skull-headed cane, the 70-year-old shock rocker (pictured above, centre) was hard to miss in NBC's version of Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical. "Jesus Christ Superstar", which was originally written as rock opera, debuted on Broadway in 1971. Another spin on Jesus Christ's last days, one that relied on eclectic pop tunes rather than a familiar songbook, failed to drum up much heat.

Other historical figures that play prominent roles in the production include Judas Iscariot, Mary Magdalene, Pontius Pilate, Caiaphas, Annas, Peter, Simon Zealotes and King Herod.

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