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Duffer Brothers Sued For Allegedly Stealing Idea For 'Stranger Things'

Duffer Brothers Sued For Allegedly Stealing Idea For 'Stranger Things'

Kessler claims the Duffer Brothers stole major plot elements - including the story's setting near a mysterious government installation, as well as its reliance on supernatural forces leading to an alternate reality - from Kessler's 2011 short film Montauk.

The creators behind the hit Netflix series "Stranger Things" are being sued for allegedly stealing concepts for their show.

"Montauk" premiered in 2012 and won a prize at the Hamptons International Film Festival. The Duffer Brothers ended up producing Stranger Things for Netflix, which debuted on the streaming giant in 2016.

According to Charlie Kessler, he pitched the concept of Montauk to Matt and Ross Duffer when they met at a party at the Tribeca Film Festival way back in April 2014. Kessler's short film, which is available to watch on Vimeo, is about secret government experiments in Montauk, New York (on Long Island).

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But here's a wrinkle that might work in The Duffer Brothers' favor: The short film is based on a real-life conspiracy theory about Montauk involving secret paranormal government experiments at the base in the 1970s.

Kessler is suing the Duffers for monetary compensation and a trial by jury.

The lawsuit goes on to claim, "Stranger Things was initially sold as a show entitled The Montauk Project (the name of Plaintiff's film) and initially the show was repeatedly referred to as The Montauk Project, before its name was changed to Stranger Things". Kessler's oiginal "Montauk" outline also has a slew of similar things which may be found on "Stranger Things", including a story of a young boy who disappears and a cop with a haunted past trying to find him.

Netflix did not immediately respond to Den of Geek's inquiries for a comment.

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