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Watch 12 minutes of Star Wars: The Last Jedi's making-of documentary

Watch 12 minutes of Star Wars: The Last Jedi's making-of documentary

I wouldn't classify myself as a die-hard Star Wars fan, but I'm trying to become one.

After the screening of the documentary The Director and the Jedi, Mark Hamill sat with writer and director Rian Johnson, producer Ram Bergman, and documentary director Anthony Wonkie to discuss their process of making the new Star Wars movie.

Being involved with the newer films, "the pressure is unbearable", says Hamill, 66.

A deleted scene from "The Last Jedi" unveiled a little bit more about one of the movie's most hyped characters, Captain Phasma. And of course, everyone was excited to bring Frank Oz back in to do the voice of Yoda. Johnson stands by the story arc he created for Luke - and with good reason.

It depends on what point in Luke's life that you would have him be in the movie because at first, I'm thinking ... the whole point of Luke was that he was bored silly with his life.

Speaking in a Facebook Live video for the official Star Wars page, she disagreed that her character's habit of seeing the best in people is to her detriment. Walk us through that. "It felt right to me". I put my hands to my face and there were tears.

Dolphins to release DT Suh
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At the panel, he said: "Here I am going home again, but it was a house I didn't recognize at all". I didn't even realize I had shed a tear.

Lucasfilm has just released the official trailer for a documentary taking us behind-the-scenes on the creation of Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Hamill: Well, every actor wants something like that in the film. What do you think of Hamill's thoughts? Well, no, I don't.

Q: Describe watching your death scene for the first time. He has since clarified his stance on Luke saying he regrets what he said.

"When I did the brush off, I did it brush-brush - sort of a mimicking of Barack Obama", Hamill said. Half-jokingly, of course. "But you care! That's what happens with these films. I had lots of disgusting ideas", Hamill said. "The one hoop you have to jump through to get it: get the Movies Anywhere app and link whatever account you bought the movie with to it".

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