Publicado: Mier, Marcha 14, 2018
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Met Opera fires James Levine

Met Opera fires James Levine

Acclaimed conductor James Levine was sacked Monday by the Metropolitan Opera after an investigation uncovered credible evidence of "sexually abusive" conduct. "In light of these findings, the Met concludes that it would be inappropriate and impossible for Mr. Levine to continue to work at the Met".

The press release also stated unequivocally that there was no institutional coverup of Levine's behavior by Met officials or the Met board.

The Met added that in addition to its findings on the allegations against Levine, the investigation suggested that any claims of a cover-up are "completely unsubstantiated".

The Met opened the investigation in December into whether Levine sexually abused an aspiring conductor since he was 15 starting three decades ago. It was said that over 70 people were interviewed during the course of the investigation. The company announced last month that Levine's Canadian successor, Yannick Nézet-Séguin, would take on his new role next season, two years ahead of schedule.

The accusers said Levine had sexually abused them when they were teenagers. Additional reports soon followed from Chris Brown and James Lestock, leading to Levine's suspension. He said no, but Levine "was not interested in that. and pursued the point".

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The conductor in an earlier statement called the allegations against him "unfounded", saying he was not an "oppressor or an aggressor".

Ashok Pai was a 15-year-old from IL living near the Ravinia Festival where Levine was a music director when the sexual abuse started.

The Met opened an investigation past year into James Levine, following reports that he abused a teenage boy decades ago. The Lake County state's attorney's office in IL said in December it investigated a sexual abuse allegation of misconduct dating to the 1980s but concluded "no criminal charges can be brought", citing multiple factors, including "the relevant age of consent in IL at the time of the alleged incidents". Three decades later - after, Pai said, therapy had helped him realize how destructive those encounters had been - he detailed his accusations in the fall of 2016 to the Lake Forest Police Department in IL.

Levine has not been charged with any criminal offense.

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