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Trump's Strong Words On Guns Give Way To Political Reality

Trump's Strong Words On Guns Give Way To Political Reality

Among those ideas, which Trump had expressed vocal support for in a February 28 meeting with a bipartisan group of lawmakers, is raising the age on gun purchases, universal background checks and taking guns from those identified as a security threat without consideration of due process. Florida created extreme risk protection orders last week as part of a compromise package of gun bills endorsed by the parents of the victims of the Parkland shooting in Florida.

The NRA has not yet commented on the White House proposals.

"Within in a couple weeks, we could have a rule implemented", deputy White House press secretary Raj Shah told the Post Sunday.
"So what he is pushing forward are things that can be immediately accomplished either through the administration or that have broad-based bipartisan support in Congress".

President Donald Trump said on Monday he put off action on raising the minimum age for gun purchases, one of several measures he had backed after the latest United States school shooting but skirted after heavy opposition from gun rights groups. On Saturday night, the president was at a rally in Pennsylvania and mocked the idea of blue ribbon commissions as an approach to dealing with drug abuse.

Student survivors from the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida have demanded gun control since the horrific Valentine's Day massacre.

Trump had touted raising the age from 18 to buy long guns, including semi-automatic weapons, as well as beefing up comprehensive background checks for gun buyers.

Trump's administration will step up aid to states that want to arm school employees under a plan to increase campus safety.

Trump had previously voiced support for such a move.

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The president tweeted that there was not much political support for raising the minimum age for buying firearms. In the end, though, he is not proposing that, although the White House does say this presidential commission will consider the idea of a higher age limit.

Trump tweeted Monday about a White House gun violence plan. "Cowards will only go where there is no deterrent!", he said.

And if anyone needed some indicator of how unlikely it is that this commission with its open-ended agenda and unclear deadlines will accomplish something meaningful, they need look no further than the person whom Mr. Trump has entrusted to lead it - Education Secretary Betsy DeVos whose first year on the cabinet has been marked mostly by revelations of how little she knows about education.

No deadline was set for the commission's recommendations, but officials expected them within a year.

"The president said he wanted to raise the age on purchasing assault weapons, he talked about taking guns away from those identified as a threat even without due process", ABC News' Jonathan Karl asked.

The White House said it wanted to partner with local officials to provide "rigorous firearms training" to school personnel, including teachers and other volunteers who want such training. "There's no time to waste", DeVos said. "It's not going to be appropriate in every location, but it is going to be appropriate in some places".

The plan he unveiled Sunday makes no mention of such confiscation.

Meanwhile, Trump continues to promise that armed school teachers in classrooms will soon be a thing. "We must act this session to ban bump stocks and make additional investments in school security".

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