Publicado: Mar, Marcha 13, 2018
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The 'Old' Taylor Swift Makes A Dazzling Comeback In 'Delicate' Music Video

The 'Old' Taylor Swift Makes A Dazzling Comeback In 'Delicate' Music Video

Taylor Swift's new music video is a lot to take in: The star becomes invisible (though not to us), dances wildly through a hotel lobby, stumbles onto the Los Angeles Metro barefoot and does a split on a vehicle in the rain.

And that is the inspiration behind her new music video for "Delicate", which premiered globally at Sunday's iHeartRadio Awards. So when she teased on Instagram that she would be debuting the footage during the iHeartRadio Music Awards on March 11, we totally thought, based on this premise, that it was going to have maybe a "Style" or "Wildest Dreams" vibe, featuring a love interest.

The video opens with a vacant-looking Swift on the red carpet, dressed in a flapper-inspired sapphire gown and mobbed by reporters and photographers. At the beginning of the video, Taylor is talking to the press outside her hotel, when she is handed a magical note which allows her to let her hair down. She rips off the bottom of her turquoise fringed dress and starts dancing.

Of course, no one is!

"Dive bar on the East Side, where you at?"

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In the final scene, soaked from the rain, she arrives at a grungy bar, holding the piece of paper. She spots someone in the back and smiles. In the ad, Qualley pulls silly faces and dances enthusiastically, while Swift, in her video, does the same. She truly dances like no one is watching as she jumps on the New York City subway. There are a few differences, of course: Margaret mostly performs to an audience of none, while Taylor dances through an unseeing crowd. The lyric even says, "My reputation's never been worse, so you must like me for me".

Not to mention, the Fearless-era Taylor is fifth in line in her series of Taylors in the LWYMMD video. The note, in the video, presumably represents that text message, which assumingly is from Alwyn. She's older and wiser, but still the same girl who sang to her younger self ten years ago on "Fifteen", anticipating all the lessons she'd yet to learn.

NME has approached Taylor Swift's press representative for a response.

Unsurprisingly, it was Ed Sheeran who took home Male Artist of the Year as well as Song of the Year for "Shape of You", while his close pal Taylor Swift was given Female Artist.

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