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Why the Stormy Daniels case matters

Why the Stormy Daniels case matters

Although Maher agreed with New York Times Opinion Staff Editor and Writer Bari Weiss' point that the Lewinsky scandal pushed President Clinton to impeachment, he later agreed with CNN Political Commentator Ana Navarro that Republicans won't impeach Trump over Daniels. After Sarah Huckabee Sanders addressed the issue with the media, the president was reportedly not pleased.

She did, however, talk about how all the attention has affected her life.

She added, however, that it negatively impacted other things she was working on, including mainstream ventures.

"At least" 10 people have volunteered to pay the $1million penalty that Stormy Daniels would incur if she spoke publicly about her alleged affair with President Donald Trump, the porn star's lawyer said on Saturday.

Daniels, who says she was given hush money to keep a 2006 affair with Trump quiet, claims a nondisclosure pact she signed is not valid because Trump never signed it. "And again, this case has already been won in arbitration", a statement that appeared to imply Trump has a legal agreement with Daniels.

Lisa Bonet Says She Sensed a "Sinister" Energy From Bill Cosby
Bonet, 50, also talked about butting heads with Cosby over her decision to appear in the dark, sexy film " Angel Heart " (1987). Cosby had a vision and I guess it was hard for him to interrupt his creative vision for something outside of his control.

TICK TOCK: "Stormy Daniels" lawyer, Michael Avenatti, tweeted out an image of his client flanked by himself and Anderson Cooper.

"I think we may see her provide a very detailed explanation of what happened, she is going to discuss what happened", he said.

"Has anyone offered, has anyone, including Larry Flint - but I want to ask this in universal sense - has anyone offered to pony up the million dollars to protect her and say "here, I'm good for it, go tell your story"?"

McCain's co-host Joy Behar also was displeased with Sanders.

"Ooo! Where? Where?! Oh, you've got me", she said while offering her hands to be cuffed, only to be disappointed when Colbert clarified immigration agents weren't actually there.

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