Publicado: Lun, Marcha 12, 2018
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Traces Of Nerve Agent Found In UK Pub And Restaurant

Traces Of Nerve Agent Found In UK Pub And Restaurant

He was a former colonel in Russia's military intelligence who was jailed in his country for betraying agents to Britain's MI6 secret service.

Ex-spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia reportedly ate at Zizzi before falling critically ill on March 4. The notice said there is "no immediate health risk", but visitors should wash all the possessions they wore or used while at the pub or the restaurant.

"This is about a very, very small risk of repetitive contact for any traces of contamination that people may have taken out", Public Health England's deputy medical director Jenny Harries said at the same press conference.

The health agency added that any clothing should be washed in "an ordinary washing machine using your regular detergent at the temperature recommended for the clothing".

Mobile phones, handbags and electronic items should be wiped with sanitary wipes, which should then be disposed of in domestic waste.

Officials haven't said what type of nerve agent was used.

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Around 180 troops, including chemical specialists, have been deployed in the city to help with the investigation. Among the sites they are searching are the Zizzi restaurant, which is closed to the public, and the gravesites where Skripal's wife and son are buried. It also said there was no suggestion that any diners were connected to the nerve agent. The Kremlin has strongly denied culpability but the Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson, has already warned that if the United Kingdom finds evidence of Russian involvement then a robust response will be forthcoming. "We need to give the police and the investigators the space to get on with that", she said.

She said: "This investigation is focused on making sure that we keep people safe and also that we collect all the evidence so that when it comes to attribution (of the attack) we will be absolutely clear where it should be".

While Rudd has said it is too early to say who is responsible for the attack, suspicion has fallen on the Russian state.

The Home Secretary, Amber Rudd, has said police have identified more than 240 witnesses and 200 pieces of evidence.

Military personnel wearing protective suits continue investigations into the poisoning of Sergei Skripal in Salisbury, England with a nerve agent. Skripal, 66, came to Britain in 2010 as part of a spy swap.

Skripal was imprisoned inside Russian Federation until he was freed in a 2010 spy swap and settled in England. This precautionary advice is for those who visited The Mill pub in Salisbury between 13:30 hours on Sunday 4th March and closing time at 23:10 hours on Monday 5th March 2018 or the nearby Zizzi restaurant between 13:30 hours on Sunday 4th March and closing time at 21:00 hours on Monday 5th March 2018. Skripal lived in the town, located 90 miles (140 kilometres) southwest of London.

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