Publicado: Sol, Marcha 11, 2018
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KGI Analyst Says No In-Display Fingerprint Sensor For Galaxy Note 9

KGI Analyst Says No In-Display Fingerprint Sensor For Galaxy Note 9

About a month ago, before the Galaxy S9 was revealed, we asked our readers what they most wanted to see from the upcoming flagship in a poll. The smartphone will show, most likely in August of this year, but we can already guess what awaits us all the same Samsung S9 in a more rigorous design and with nearly identical innards, except that the display will do a little more.

According to Johnson, Galaxy S9 orders "are down ~50 percent" compared to the S8 the previous year, and that pre-orders are "significantly underperforming pre-launch expectations of 10 to 15 percent growth".

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S9 comes with a 12 MP camera but which possess a variable aperture - f/1.5 and f/2.4 which can be manually set. It should therefore feature a similar 6.3-inch Super AMOLED display and a dual-lens rear camera.

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Both phones support microSD card of up to 400 GB and can shoot videos in slow-motion at 960 fps.

According to Kuo, whatever Samsung is trying to accomplish with this implementation isn't meeting their standards.

"Smartphone sales are declining at a sharp pace", the analyst said. Many will look at that statement and feel like smartphone makers such as Apple and Samsung have done this to themselves.

This trend will also affect component suppliers such as Broadcom, Qualcomm and Cirrus Logic. Therefore, if you would like to wait for the latest and greatest from Samsung, or even wait for a price cut on the S9, all you need to have is patience.

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