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White House accuses news organizations of 'elevating' North Korea's profile

White House accuses news organizations of 'elevating' North Korea's profile

NORTH KOREA: Trump agreed to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un by May to negotiate an end to Pyongyang's nuclear weapons program, South Korean and USA officials said Thursday.

-South Korean military drills, said Chung, who was in Washington to brief Trump and senior USA officials on Seoul's recent talks with the North. If genuine, the development represents a remarkable about-face by the North Korean leader, who within the previous year has exploded what was widely believed to be a hydrogen bomb, and has tested intercontinental ballistic missiles meant to have USA cities within range - New York, Washington, D.C. and Chicago.

"Chemistry wise, Trump and Kim might get along; they both strive to be bold and could be eager to strike a deal", said Choi. Trump still faces significant domestic opposition ahead of November's midterm congressional elections, which will serve as a key barometer of his presidency so far.

"They have often led to concessions being made to North Korea in return for talks".

He says he thinks we'll see a Kim who's going to surprise us. On multiple occasions, Kim's father Kim Jong Il dangled the prospect of talks and denuclearization as a means of buying time, easing sanctions and dividing South Korea from its allies. A senior administration official said days earlier North Korea would need to take "concrete steps" toward denuclearization before the U.S. would agree to talks.

Both men are political novices.

His dramatic agreement to meet with dictator Kim Jong-un, after a year spent tightening the screws on the rogue regime, just might yield a true breakthrough. But his blind self-confidence carries a risk.

The table was set for the announcement on Tuesday when South Korea shocked the world by announcing that the North had stated there was "no reason" to hold on to its nuclear weapons "if military threats towards the North are cleared and the security of its regime is guaranteed". China and Russian Federation, each with huge stakes in the future of the Korean Peninsula and vetoes in the United Nations Security Council, also need to be on board.

Nolette believes the meeting could grant North Korea more prominence on the world stage. "But Kim is not inviting Trump so that he can surrender North Korea's weapons".

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Nunberg served for six weeks as an adviser to Trump before he was sacked during Trump's run for the White House. He traveled to Moscow twice in 2016 and was the subject of surveillance by the US intelligence community.

North Korea still produces propaganda declaring its continued dedication to its nuclear program.

But Washington has been repeatedly let down before.

It is an unprecedented move made by a sitting Commander-in-Chief.

The summit could also break down if the USA decides that full denuclearization seems unlikely.

Kim most likely wants to buy time in order to ideal an ICBM.

Nukes, after all, are his key bargaining chip - including the disaster he could unleash on South Korea in case of a USA military strike.

Meanwhile, Washington is short of diplomatic talent. The North Korean leader's sister took part in separate diplomatic engagements apart from Ivanka Trump.

A meeting between Trump and Kim would be a major turnaround after a year in which North Korea has carried out a battery of missile tests that Washington sees as provocative and after a barrage of insults between the two leaders.

As the White House prepares for what could be the first meeting between a sitting US president and a North Korean leader, the USA and South Korean militaries will carry out exercises that Pyongyang has long called provocative but now appears to accept.

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