Publicado: Sáb, Marcha 10, 2018
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Snapchat Will Soon Allow Users To Tag Each Other In Posts

Snapchat Will Soon Allow Users To Tag Each Other In Posts

The battle of the social media platforms continues as they all borrow and copy one another's features.

Snapchat has begun testing a new feature that affords users the option to tag other users in their Stories, reports TechCrunch - though it's now only available for a small subset of its 60 million daily users in Canada and the United States.

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Snapchat is letting some users tag their friends. Well, why not? Not so long ago Instagram copied Snapchat by introducing "stories" that can also be posted to Facebook profiles.

It appears the feature was first spotted by Twitter user and actor Matt Rappaport, TechCrunch reported. According to reports, the person being tagged won't get any sort of notification or indication that they have been tagged in a photo or video. "Once this flashes, the user may tag someone using the "@" symbol and writing out a username to mention them. Snapchat's version of the feature asks users to swipe the "more" option, displaying the name of the person tagged, their handle, a Bitmoji and an "add" button to follow their account. That means if you want to tag someone, you'll have to remember their username by heart, which is nearly as challenging as remembering a phone number.

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