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Britain First leaders guilty of religious hate crimes

Britain First leaders guilty of religious hate crimes

When Fransen and Golding were being sentenced, members of the press requested the release of the pictures but were told force policy was only to release images if a defendant had been handed an immediate jail sentence of more than a year.

Britain First leader Paul Golding, 36, was also found guilty and jailed for 18 weeks.

The leaders of a British far-right group that made worldwide headlines after President Trump retweeted some of their videos will spend time behind bars for committing hate crimes against Muslims, prosecutors announced Wednesday.

Judge Justin Barron said their words and actions "demonstrated hostility" towards Muslims and Islam, and prosecutors warned that Fransen and Golding could have caused the case to collapse.

But the man, a woman and two teenage girls targeted were not involved in the trial and had not committed any criminal offences.

Tamin Rahmani's brother Faiz told the court: "The lady with red hair approached me and told me "you are a Muslim rapist".

The following day, May 10, a vulnerable Canterbury man learned that a video had been posted online in which his address was wrongly identified as the home of one of the men on trial.

Britain First leaders with supporters
PA WAITING Britain First leaders Paul Golding and face sentence later today

They are due to be sentenced later today.

"Kent Police simply will not tolerate any offences that are motivated by prejudice and hate".

Golding, the group's leader, and Fransen, his deputy, were found guilty of actions that were hostile toward Muslims, according to the Sky News broadcaster.

Both Fransen and Golding were convicted on a joint charge of religiously aggravated harassment after an incident last May at 555 Pizza takeaway in Ramsgate, when Fransen banged on the windows and doors of the shop and screamed "paedophile" and "foreigner".

The Twitter accounts of Fransen and Golding and their party were suspended after the November controversy.

Paul Golding and deputy Jayda Fransen launched a "campaign of abuse" against Muslims during a court case where a teen had been raped.

But Trump, who has a long history of racially charged remarks, refused to apologize and contended in a tweet that May should not focus on him, but "on the destructive Radical Islamic Terrorism that is taking place within the United Kingdom". They still face charges of using hate speech at a rally in Northern Ireland in August 2017.

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