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Women were the real winners of the Texas primaries

Women were the real winners of the Texas primaries

Some of the issues that helped Trump nationally, such as reworking trade deals like the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), can be vulnerabilities in Texas, where the state's economy is heavily dependent on trade with neighbor Mexico.

Democrats saw a massive 87 percent surge in voter turnout compared with 2014 as the 2018 midterm election season kicked off in Texas's primary Tuesday. Yes, those were competitive primaries for Democrats while the GOP is running three incumbents who faced token opposition, but those districts are still in play - and they're happening in the suburbs, where Trump's approval rating is suffering.

Energized and angry Democrats in Texas, where the GOP has dominated for decades, came out in force to surpass 1 million voters Tuesday - the first time the party has eclipsed that benchmark in a midterm primary since 2002, just months after the September 11 attacks.

The Democratic and Republican primary elections were held on March 6, the nominated candidates will represent their respective parties in the mid-term elections on November 6.

Any Democrat hoping to win statewide in Texas and break a 24-year losing streak for the state party will have to draw lots of Latino voters to the polls.

While Democrats support choice for women, this is still either an anti-abortion state or one in which abortion is seen as a woman's decision, which can be broadened to other decisions women make.

Launching the 2018 election cycle, Texans cast ballots in primaries on Tuesday - leaving several races headed for runoffs.

The seventh district matters to the Democratic Party because it is the sort of place that could determine its chances of regaining control of the House of Representatives in November.

The election season got started this past Tuesday in Texas, and the primary results are being analyzed for clues about what they mean for November. Republicans cast a little more than 56% of the primary votes to the Democrats' 44%.

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George P. Bush, incumbent Texas Land Commissioner and son of former Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush, won his primary race with over 50 percent of the vote.

Statewide in 2006, general election turnout for the top of the ballot gubernatorial race was 4.4 million, down 3 percent from the previous gubernatorial election in 2002.

Wall's failure was also a potential warning sign of the limits of Republicans going all-in on Trump this election year. Trump plans to be in southwestern Pennsylvania on Saturday for a campaign rally of his own, and he's likely to promote Saccone's candidacy then. "Conor Lamb is the type of Democrat who could conceivably win that seat", said David Wasserman, the House editor for the non-partisan Cook Political Report, which handicaps and analyzes House races.

Rep. Beto O' Rourke, D-El Paso, secured the Democratic primary nomination with more than 60 percent of the vote. Sen. But Texas has 254 counties, and unreported GOP early voting in those gave Republicans a sizable advantage in both early and Election Day voting. Texas hasn't sent a new congresswoman of any ethnicity to Washington in 22 years.

For the first time in more than 25 years, Democrats were contesting each of Texas' 36 United States congressional districts, the party said.

Bear in mind, though, that there doesn't need to be much realignment nationally for Democrats to win the House. Enthusiasm in the party still seems up.

Pollster Scott Rasmussen summed up the fluid nature of the current political climate in an article published on Thursday.

The primary results, Rasmussen wrote, "confirmed that the Democratic enthusiasm is real, but it's probably not strong enough to turn Texas blue". Trump won the district by 10 points in 2016. Chip Roy, a friend of many conservative warriors and personally endorsed by CR's Daniel Horowitz, won in district 21 with 27.1 percent, nearly twice the number of his new runoff opponent, Matt McCall.

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