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British people must face 'hard facts' about Brexit, Theresa May says

This is all about delivery.

Ministers spent more than two hours discussing the text yesterday, clashing over a proposal for a "binding commitment" to align with European Union rules and regulations in certain sectors of the economy.

Theresa May has admitted that Britain will enjoy less access to European markets after Brexit but that it will continue to be affected by EU regulations and rulings from the European Court of Justice (ECJ).

May's challenge remains to bridge the divides in her own party while giving the European Union a clear position to negotiate with.

"After what I have heard today I am even more concerned. And I have been categorically clear that is not what we are going to do".

And she said the agreement should rest on "five foundations", including binding commitments to ensure fair and open competition and prevent a "race to the bottom" on standards, as well an independent arbitration mechanism to resolve disputes.

But initial indications suggest the United Kingdom still has more to do, particularly on the Irish border, ahead of the March 22-23 European Council summit of EU leaders at which Mrs May is hoping to sew up a deal on a post-Brexit transition period.

Britain will not sign up to membership of a customs union (or the single market), Mrs May reiterated, as it would mean it could not set up trade deals with non-EU countries.

And in conclusion, the Prime Minister will say: "So let me turn to the future economic partnership I want to see".

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Her lectern featured the slogan, "Our Future Partnership", the title of her speech, which rounds off a series of briefings by her ministers on how Britain sees its future outside the European Union and its economic architecture after more than 40 years in the bloc.

"Securing a sensible outcome for everyone will require the EU27 to consider innovative solutions rather than rule out any proposal which has not been conceived in Brussels".

Alliance deputy leader Stephen Farry said Mrs May's Brexit speech did "little to address the many contradictions in the UK's Brexit position".

"We need to resolve the tensions between some of our key objectives", May said in the speech, which was moved from the Brexit-leaning North East of England.

"May effectively rules out'No Deal.' A big mistake". The EU has set out principles it says it won't compromise on, but some of these are at odds with May's vision for the U.K.'s post-Brexit future. Her acknowledgment of the need for new labour mobility arrangements will also strike a positive chord with businesses. She is embarking on a project in which she has never fully believed, at a time when her cabinet is divided and her slim Westminster majority is reliant on the DUP. The EU's chief negotiator, Michel Barnier, has already warned in recent weeks that that goal is in doubt because of differences between the two sides. "This should be a single step transition that adequately reflects the time needed by pharmaceutical companies [to move] to a new framework", said Thompson.

She vowed that she would not walk away from talks over the coming months. Delivering close cooperation on the regulation of medicines is only one part of the challenge. "This can not be forgotten at the negotiating table".

Liam Fox, the International Trade Secretary, has previously claimed a deal with the European Union would be "one of the easiest in human history", while Brexit Secretary David Davis predicted an agreement would be reached "quickly".

"(.) Of greatest concern for the markets was the prime minister's acknowledgment - for the first time - that leaving the single market will result in a reduction of British businesses' access to European Union markets.

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