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Toyota venture to spend $2.8 bln to develop…

Toyota venture to spend $2.8 bln to develop…

"Building production-quality software is a critical success factor for Toyota's automated driving program", said Dr. James Kuffner, the former CTO of TRI and the new CEO of TRI-AD.

The Japanese automaker will form a new company known as the Toyota Research Institute - Advanced Development (TRI-AD), with a staff of around 1,000 employees including internally and externally recruited workers.

The vehicle company said Friday it will establish joint venture Toyota Research Institute-Advanced Development this month with autoparts makers Aisin Seiki and Denso, both Toyota group members.

At CES in January, Toyota introduced its concept self-driving vehicle.

To enable the new efforts at TRI-AD, Toyota Motor Corporation, along with its major suppliers Aisin Seiki Co., Ltd. and DENSO Corporation have concluded a memorandum of understanding on joint development of production-quality software for automated driving.

The firm has announced a new venture would be investing more than $2.8 billion to develop automated-driving software, in the latest salvo in an increasingly frenetic battle to be ahead in a sector hit by a slew of disruptive technologies. Dr. James Kuffner, now TRI Chief Technology Officer, will lead TRI-AD as its CEO.

Acuerdo sobre Corea depende de programa nuclear del Norte, dice EEUU
Pyongyang no confirmó la oferta, pero en reiteradas ocasiones dijo que está dispuesto a hablar sin condiciones previas. La Casa Blanca dijo en su respuesta que asumiría una postura según observe la situación.

Key objectives of TRI-ADThe automotive industry is now in an era of profound transformation. Toyota appointed Gill Pratt, the USA institute's CEO, in January to a new senior executive position in charge of advanced technology at the automaker.

- Create a smooth software pipeline from research-to-commercialization, leveraging data-handling capabilities. Much like Waymo, Google's self-driving auto spin-off, it seems that TRI-AD will leave the hardware development and vehicle manufacturing up to another division, and instead focus on the smarts that enables vehicles to drive themselves.

Strengthen coordination with TRI and efficiently link research results to product development.

These projects will be run from the Toyota Research Institute in the US. TRI-AD will also strengthen the collaboration within the Toyota Group on research and development and recruit top talent globally. I have no doubt that we can translate the fundamental ideas of TPS from the production of hardware to the production of software.

Aiming to strengthen its competitiveness even further, Toyota, together with Aisin and Denso, made a decision to establish the new company announced today.

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