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Central Michigan University On Lockdown After Shooting At Dorm Kills 2

Central Michigan University On Lockdown After Shooting At Dorm Kills 2

CM Life, the university's student newspaper, says Davis is listed as a sophomore in the student registry. The campus and most of Mt.

An Illinois state legislator identified Davis's victims as his parents, who lived in a Chicago suburb.

The university described the incident as a "domestic situation".

Multiple reports from students prompted a police response to the possible shooting, and students say classrooms are on lockdown. The black man was seen wearing mustard-yellow jeans and a blue hoodie.

"He is considered armed & risky".

Central Michigan University is in Mount Pleasant, Michigan, a city about 85 miles from Grand Rapids and 155 miles from Detroit.

"Do not approach the suspect", he said. Local police were assisting campus authorities. Nobody else was injured besides the two people who died. The suspect is also believed to be still at large, the original tweet said. He is considered to be armed and risky.

Schools in Mount Pleasant, where the university is located, were in "secure mode" - meaning all interior doors are locked, blinds drawn and no one allowed to enter buildings, according to Jennifer Verleger, Mount Pleasant Public Schools superintendent.

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Klaus said police had contact with Davis on Thursday night after a drug-related incident.

According to the Morning Sun, the suspect may have been released from the hospital just before 8 a.m. today. Police found clothing possibly belonging to Davis laying on the tracks.

The shooting occurred on the last day of classes before spring break.

CMU has asked parents to stay off campus until further notice. Staff will be on site to support the families.

According to CMU police, students and employees are being told to shelter in place.

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder was in attendance at the news conference.

Students have taken to posting updates on social media.

TWO people were shot dead today on the campus of a university in the U.S. state of MI, setting off a manhunt for the suspected shooter.

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