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The Walking Dead's Katelyn Nacon Says Goodbye to Chandler Riggs

The Walking Dead's Katelyn Nacon Says Goodbye to Chandler Riggs

This was billed as a tear jerker but thank God it wasn't. Because yes, Rick probably will die on the TV show, just like he's going to die in the comic book before it wraps. "Honor" plays a full hand of timeline cards. As Carl is about to pass on from this world at a now-decimated Alexandria, he shares his hope for the future with his father: Rick, with a longer beard, guides Judith through Alexandria, now filled with former Saviors (including Negan and Eugene), Hilltoppers (including Jerry), and their own people. And then suddenly he just went all pale and ghoulish on us.

You, my friend, are an incredible young man. Walking around a thriving Alexandria, with a 10-year-old Judith. Six short years in the future. As we reach the present, Carl is slowly slipping, his skin getting lighter and his speech slightly slowing down.

As we reported recently, we were fairly confident that both Rick and Daryl weren't going anywhere in the near future.

Carl was truly too pure for this world.

The fast-paced single hails from the band's 2005 album I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning, and despite its upbeat tone, it contains some pretty dark lyrics that, upon review, make it a surprisingly appropriate song choice for such a somber onscreen moment as this one. He spends time on the porch with his little sister, Judith, and takes a selfie; he writes good-bye notes to Rick, Michonne and Enid; he soaks up the sun one last time; and then he grabs a cot, some candles, and prepares to die. And despite the fact that the fans already knew Rick's son is not going to make it through the episode, seeing this kid who grew up in front of our eyes, saying his final goodbyes was simply devastating. He tells her the hat will help her stay strong. Siddiq tells Rick he's a skilled doctor and promises to honor Carl and what he stood for.

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Gimple also teased to Entertainment Weekly, that Carl's message of mercy may not resonate with Rick and Michonne as fans expect.

The big question: Rick's final scene - now we know those times we've seen him with stained glass are the man sitting under a tree with a nasty wound. "Not this part. You're my best friend, Michonne".

Carl was the weathervane of just how batshit The Walking Dead's plot was. The Negan's and Gavin's of the world could care less.

Morgan walks into the Kingdom through the darkness, where he's startled by Carol. "I had to", Henry says, mimicking Morgan's sentiment. A backdrop falls, and out come Carol and Morgan, guns blazing.

Kill of the week: Morgan's ripping yarn. She's headed to rescue King Ezekiel. I don't think he's the kind of guy who would ever be content to just take orders from someone else. This is when Ezekiel pulls the pin on another thematic bomb. Rick and Michonne want to move his body outside, but they have to wait for the Saviors' gunfire to cease before emerging. After struggling with a one of them, he falls over. No wonder Carol and Ezekiel exchanged the anxious looks, and Gavin ran away so quickly. He goes from antisocial lunatic who wants to kill everyone, to zen master Buddhist monk, to slightly less-antisocial lunatic who wants to kill everyone. Morgan is immediately sickened by the action of the boy he once mentored and is angry with himself. During the conference call, he explained how the death and the speech he gave to Rick will affect the show in the future. He still has Michonne and Judith, but it will be interesting to see how he responds in the episodes to come without Carl in the picture.

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