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British Government Temporarily Halts New Funding to Aid Group Oxfam

British Government Temporarily Halts New Funding to Aid Group Oxfam

A Haitian woman who claims to have had a relationship with the former Oxfam official at the centre of a sex abuse scandal has told ITV News he spotted her from an Oxfam vehicle in the street while she was eight months pregnant and told her: "I find you very sexy, how can I help you?"

Oxfam has been rocked by allegations it covered up the findings of an inquiry into claims some of its aid workers used prostitutes during humanitarian missions to Chad in 2006 and Haiti in 2011.

South African Nobel laureate Desmond Tutu, British actress Minnie Driver and Senegalese musician Baaba Maal have all quit their posts as Oxfam celebrity ambassadors in the wake of the abuse allegations.

"What happened in Haiti and afterwards is a stain on Oxfam that will shame us for years, and rightly so", she added. The allegations relate to Oxfam Great Britain, one of 20 affiliates that make up Oxfam International. It did not provide details of where the harassment or abuse took place, who was dismissed or whether the complaints were also registered with local law enforcement. I never gave them money.

Nigel Evans, a Conservative MP and member of the Commons worldwide development select committee, said they showed that Mr Goldring was "part of..." "It was, in my opinion, a mature honourable lady, not an quake victim and no prostitute, whom I met since I supported her young sister and very young mother with diapers and powdered milk". "I'm not a saint, I'm a man of flesh and blood and have made mistakes (not easy to admit), and I am deeply ashamed", van Hauwermeiren wrote in an open letter.

The announcement follows days of controversy surrounding the charity group involving accusations against staff who were stationed in Haiti following its disastrous 2010 natural disaster.

Turkey proposed Turkish, US troops station together in Syria's Manbijac
Paul Funk saying: "You hit us, we will respond aggressively". "The problem around YPG is one of the most important for us". Turkey has urged Washington to pull back on its support of YPG, which Ankara sees a a terrorist group.

"He would bring back children's clothing for the toddler and he brought things for me", she said.

The British charity has refused the lack of transparency over the Haiti affair, which has gathered a good number of supporters against Oxfam and has led British Government to cut down funds of the organisation.

The independent commission will be allowed access to Oxfam records and will interview staff, partners and communities working with the charity across the world.

"I was scared so I got out and I went to sit in the back", she said.

It said it would create "a global database of accredited referees to end the use of forged, dishonest or unreliable references by past or current Oxfam staff" and that it would invest in resources in its safeguarding processes.

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