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Twin brothers charged with trying to build bomb in NY

Twin brothers charged with trying to build bomb in NY

Christian Toro, a teacher, allegedly paid students $50 per hour "to break apart fireworks to extract the explosive powder".

The two 27-year-olds had been forging explosive devices inside their Pelham Parkway apartment since last October - using gunpowder from fireworks as the base for their bomb-making, according to the complaint.

Both brothers are facing federal bomb-making charges while the former teacher is also looking at charges for distributing explosive materials to a minor.

New York Mayor Bill de Blazio said there was no imminent threat but added that the investigation "has probably saved many lives". Officials at the news conference, however, did not provide any details about a possible motive, a target or any plans to explode a device.

Christian Toro was a teacher at a high school in Manhattan's Harlem neighbourhood before resigning previous year. A 15-year-old student was arrested in connection with the threat. Shortly after, Mr Toro resigned.

Christian and Tyler Toro were arrested in a joint counter-terrorism operation involving the NYPD and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

"After he resigned, Democracy Prep did a routine review of his laptop and was deeply disturbed by suspicious content", said Jeffrey W. Schneider, a spokesman for Democracy Prep. The complaint said that a diary found in the apartment contained writing that referred to the brothers as "Twin Toros".

There is no current or active threat, according to law enforcement.

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Tyler Toro, left and his brother Christian. The story has to be read in full to be believed, and it starts with a prank bomb scare suggested by the plotter himself - a high-school teacher in Harlem.

Christian Toro was accused of another serious crime just days before Thursday's arrest. Christian claimed he was researching the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing. He said he had never built a bomb, the complaint said.

NYPD investigators made a decision to drop by and have a chat with Christian, who said he'd downloaded the book by accident and had only looked at the table of contents.

This week, the JTTF was able to get probable cause to seek a search warrant from the U.S. Attorney's Office in the Southern District of NY and a federal judge to go to the Toros' apartment in the Bronx following interviews and developments in the case, Miller added.

Miller said investigators also found "simulated weapons" at the apartment.

The diary also talked about having thrown away all the evidence of something code-named operation "Flash", proclaimed "we are the twin Toros" and threatened retribution if anyone would "strike us now", authorities said.

"If you're registered as a sex offender, things will be hard". Neighbors in the Bronx building where the two live said Tyler and Christian Toro are polite and keep to themselves. Agents also found a yellow backpack, according to the complaint, with an index card and the words "Under the full moon the small ones will know terror" handwritten on it.

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