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Being Short May Carry Stroke Risk, Childhood Growth Research Shows

Being Short May Carry Stroke Risk, Childhood Growth Research Shows

A team of scientists studied more than 300,000 children in Denmark who were born between 1930 and 1989, looking for information about their physical growth and then statistics on strokes within the group once they reached adulthood. Short stature at 7 to 13 years is significantly associated with increased risks in adulthood of ischemic stroke in both sexes and intracerebral hemorrhage in men, according to a study published online February 15 in Stroke. Shorter boys also had an increased risk of cerebral hemorrhage, where a ruptured blood vessel causes bleeding in the brain.

Researchers say these results have implications for understanding disease origin rather than for clinical risk prediction and future studies should focus on the mechanisms underlying the relationship between childhood height and later stroke.

Short children may have an increased risk of having a stroke as adults, according to Danish researchers. "This suggests that the main effects of height on stroke are initiated before 7 years, already well before entering puberty".

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It's not necessarily that the genes affecting a person's height carry a certain risk of stroke; there are factors outside someone's DNA that influences how tall he or she will be.

"While adult height is genetically determined, it is also influenced by factors such as maternal diet during pregnancy, childhood diet, infection and psychological stress", the American Heart Association explained.

"Our study suggests that short height in children is a possible marker of stroke risk and suggests these children should pay extra attention to changing or treating modifiable risk factors for stroke throughout life to reduce the chances of having this disease", said senior study author Jennifer L. Baker, Ph.D. of the University of Copenhagen. Taken together, this recommends the association of shared fundamental components for stature and stroke improvement.

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