Publicado: Jue, Febrero 15, 2018
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Day Zero pushed back to June, as drought declared a national disaster

Day Zero pushed back to June, as drought declared a national disaster

Most Cape Town residents would be forced to queue at communal taps at 200 water points - likely under police or military guard - to collect a daily ration of 25l, half the amount allowed now.

The latest data from the City of Cape Town indicate that dam storage level is at 24.9%.

The South African authorities declared Tuesday a natural disaster throughout the country because of the historical drought that has been hitting the Cape Town area for months, threatened by a disruption of its drinking water supply.

Cape Town's drought measures have temporarily saved the city from its so-called "Day Zero" - the day when taps are expected to run dry.

The statement, published in the government gazette, means that the national government is now responsible for tackling the issue and ensuring relief efforts. This was the first time the daily average has been kept under 550 million litres, he said.

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That's enough for a very short shower and just one flush of the toilet when other needs - including just one load of the washing machine a week - are taken into account.

The widespread drought has gripped swathes of the nation's south and west.

There is a very real chance that Cape Town will simply run out of water.

Cape Town hotels have asked guests not to use baths and to limit showers to two minutes or less, while some restaurants are switching to disposable cups and dispensing with table linen.

The region in which Cape Town, known as the "Mother City" is located, seasonally receives rains in the southern hemisphere winter season running from around June through August.

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