Publicado: Mar, Enero 30, 2018
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Street Fighter's Ryu And Sakura Will Be Joining Monster Hunter

Street Fighter's Ryu And Sakura Will Be Joining Monster Hunter

The announcement didn't give us a breakdown of what platform or country sold the most copies of World, but we'll have at least some idea this Wednesday when Media Create releases their weekly Monster Hunter and friends data.

Monster Hunter World's 5-million shipped units makes it the fastest-selling game in the franchise.

Immediately before and after its launch last Friday, Monster Hunter World has served the hottest topic of gaming.

First of all, we see a trailer of Ryu and Sakura's costumes coming to Monster Hunter World that were revealed by Producer Ryozo Tsujimoto earlier this morning.

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News that such a large number of Monster Hunter World units had already shipped was announced by Capcom in a recent press release that detailed the milestone and other facts about the latest Monster Hunter game.

In addition to the Ryu and Sakura armor sets, players will be able to pick up premium gestures featuring the classic Hadoken and Shoryuken special moves. Bring that, along with other necessary materials, to the Smithy and you got yourself a Ryu armor set! That being said, you can put both sets on hunters of both genders, and they'll also change your character's voice.

The Down the Dark, Muddy Path quest will be made available to the rest of the PlayStation 4 crowd at a later date. Following that, two more quests will be added that will allow all players to craft Ryu and Sakura sets. To get things even hyped up, some of people's favorite "Street Fighter 5" characters are getting featured in the game, and it is all for free.

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