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Tide Pod Challenge could be fatal

Tide Pod Challenge could be fatal

Or any form of soap or chemical for that matter.

The detergent packets are created to dissolve when wet, so even putting them in one's mouth can be unsafe.

It's unknown where or when the challenge started in the United States.

As the Chicago Tribune's resident expert on hip trends in the American youthscape, I want to discuss the latest craze: eating brightly colored laundry detergent pods. And there are risky consequences. It's called the Tide Pod Challenge.

Tide Pods have caused a frenzy in recent weeks as teens dare each other to eat the toxic-filled plastic that looks like a colorful gusher. "Whatever the circumstances are, whatever the age of the person, it's not meant as a joke and it's not a risk worth taking", she said.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission says ingesting the liquids can be deadly.

The detergent in the pods is poisonous. These ingredients can burn the mouth, digestive system and stomach.

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He explained it isn't just the liquid which is unsafe, but also the "skin" around the liquid.

'Tide Pods' are brightly coloured American detergent capsules, similar to brands available in the United Kingdom, and YouTubers have been posting videos of themselves eating the capsules - and in some cases foaming at the mouth. Alfred Aleguas of the Florida Poison Information Center told The Washington Post earlier this month.

OK, that last one might be slightly illegal, but it's still a substantial step up from having your teens eating Tide pods.

Manufacturer Tide has launched a page on its website dedicated to the safe handling of its products and warns parents to keep them out of reach of children.

There are regular occurrences all over the world of young children swallowing the capsules by accident but most of the latest cases are on objective.

"Occasionally, our pulmonary people are able to go on and do what we call a washout and try to get some of it out but if it's already produced chemical damage, it's risky to do as well".

Teenagers are daring one another to put laundry pods in their mouths, a risky and highly toxic thing to do.

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