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Smart speaker penetration in USA households strong says study

Smart speaker penetration in USA households strong says study

Amazon's most compact Echo is about to land in the UK.

The other popular use of amazon echo devices is listening to music. It's available in black and white finishes, with the latter being the more fetching of the two.

The sound quality is deliberately weak - if you want beefier sound, you'll need to hook it up to an external speaker via the 3.5mm audio jack on the rear or connect it to a Bluetooth speaker - and it's certainly not a patch on that kicked out by the excellent Echo Show. When we compared the Echo Spot to the original Echo device, the difference was the speaker on the Spot is not as good compared to the Echo, but the Spot displays the song lyrics on the screen. And while the built-in camera can be disabled, he noted that some might find it too off-putting to leave on a bedside table.

Amazon recently began its India operations with three Echo smart speakers - the Echo Dot, the Echo and the Echo Plus.

Unlike its rivals Alexa, Siri and Cortana, Google's virtual helper carries the company name as its wake word, and having to say the name of a large corporation every time you want to call on a voice assistant doesn't sit well with everybody. Furthermore, a significant 64 percent of smart speakers owners say they now use their device to control their smart home.

Amazon launched its first screen-carrying Echo - the Echo Show - in the United Kingdom at the end of previous year, with the device able to display video news briefings as well as make video calls and show song lyrics.

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By opting for the Echo Spot, you'll save £80 and get, frankly, what is an aesthetically more pleasing device than the Echo Show.

When Amazon wanted to get its Echo product to a wider audience it made a decision to launch the Echo Dot; it wasn't a fully featured as the Echo but it did the job.

And, it won't surprise you to hear that the Spot has the same far-field quadruple microphone array as its other Echo-powered siblings.

Both deliver Alexa to the tech's fullest capabilities, with a growing number of uses for the screens on both devices. The design of the Spot is one of the best we've seen from Amazon, though.

This goes some way to explain the attraction to Amazon of Echo Buttons.

These devices do everything you would expect from a smart display, such as play music and operate connected lights, make video calls, videos and so on, all using voice controls.

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