Publicado: Mier, Enero 17, 2018
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Flashing light, loud 'boom' over MI may have been a meteor

Flashing light, loud 'boom' over MI may have been a meteor

The National Weather Service later said the flash and boom seen by residents across Metro Detroit was likely a meteor. The U.S. Geological service registered a 2.0 quake near Detroit. Hundreds of Livingston County residents reported seeing the bright light followed by a loud boom. Reports of shaking came in from 50 to 60 miles apart, according to people in the area. But he says "it was not thunder or lightning or weather-related". He says it was shot around 8:08 p.m. Tuesday, on I-75 northbound between Troy and Bloomfield Hills.

Those who saw it, say it was incredible.

Officials said this is a natural meteor fireball. Tonight, we have an incoming weird sky phenomenon, as a meteor apparently exploded over southeastern MI, lighting up the sky and shaking houses.

O'Hare travelers may have been exposed to measles
The incubation period-the period from exposure to onset of symptoms-is typically 10-14 days, but can be as long as 21 days. People traveling through Chicago's O'Hare International Airport last week may have been exposed to the measles.

As we gather more information, please share with us any videos or photos you might have taken of the meteor.

Officials with the space agency confirmed its meteor camera at Oberlin College in OH spotted the event at about 8:08 p.m. Others said their houses shook and pictures fell off the walls. All indications point to this being a meteor. 13abc has received reports of sightings all over the Midwest.

There are reports the meteor was possibly seen in Ohio.

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